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Benue State Governor, Mr. Samuel Ortom, has pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari to rein in rampaging herdsmen now causing trouble everywhere before they drag Nigeria into another war .

Governor Ortom, who made the plea at a press briefing in Abuja, said that he made the appeal as a patriot who cares about the president’s reputation and therefore the fate of Nigeria as a rustic .

Before the briefing, Ortom had delivered a letter dated February 8, 2021 to President Buhari with the caption: “Appeal to Act before Herdsmen drag Nigeria into civil war”.

Governor Ortom said within the letter: “Mr. President, we aren't oblivious of the challenges that the country has faced within the lifetime of your Administration. These include two recessions, the COVID-19 global pandemic and therefore the unprecedented nationwide security challenges resulting into the most important loss of lives and property since the war . These security challenges especially have unsettled the country economically, socially and politically.

“Your Excellency, these security challenges have assumed new dimensions where the now emboldened assailants and armed herdsmen daringly enforce their will on legitimate owners and occupants of ancestral lands. There are many areas of concern over the Federal Government’s actions and inactions, including the widely discussed concern over inequalities in key appointments. These have reinforced the perception that the Administration isn't fair and just to all or any Nigerians.

“Mr. President, please recall my earlier letters drawing your attention to the murderous activities of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore and other armed Fulani socio-cultural groups and their leaders who publicly and brazenly claimed responsibility for the killings and destruction of property across States of the country. These groups and their leaders have also boasted that Nigeria belongs exclusively to them.

“I am writing to you as a patriot who cares about your reputation and therefore the fate of our dear country. i'm imploring you once more to rise to the challenges of those times to avert the country’s drift to anarchy and disintegration, a situation that sycophants and praise-singers could be unwittingly shielding from you.

“In 2015, Nigerians enthusiastically welcomed your return as a pacesetter with a reputation for uprightness, fair-mindedness and integrity. the present situation is raising doubts within the minds of the many Nigerians who had believed in you. Mr. President, your compatriots are looking up to you to act fast to redress things ,” Ortom said within the letter.

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