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Rumor in places and communities Carried it.
Selina tested a movie that was produced this year with different kinds of area languages has been rumored to be banned due to some hard content and behavior that are harmful to the communities in Nigeria as a whole.

Selina tested came and took over and became popular in all our 36 State's,

And also started influencing the youth and even the coming up of age kids started saying those slangs of which is harmful and dangerous to their life,

For that reason it's said in communities and places to have been banned till further notice and case of the movie production has been talking to court for recommendation and more explanation.

But rumoring it, the movie is really up to something better after the release of episode 10 to 14 and 15 loading..

Fans come to think of this After watching from episode 1 to 14 and 15 loading...

Do you think is best to be banned or continued?.


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