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Selina tested episode 15 released,watch on

Selina episode 15 rescue task to get underway soon,after episode 14 ended with a Chase towards aboi,chiboi,odogwu and bishop in Idoma land in which chiboi went to take revenge of his mom and sister towards sibi's mom.

From the episode 15 that has been released, Episode 15 preserve from the Chase withinside the bush in which aboi and squad preserve strolling with chiboi on his shoulder worn-out and nevertheless strolling, however in where block via way of means of the Same gang that there rescued chiboi from on their searching way out from idoma land. Unfortunately this time their weapons where not working towards the idom land gang; there have been absolutely geared up for aboi and squad, An this time aboi and squad disembarked(ran) into the bush without losing time, due to the fact the idom gang in which absolutely organized this time with actual juju(jazz). In the race for the get away withinside the bush aboi turned into already gasing out worn-out and not able to hold chiboi, falling and falling.
But after a long run with chiboi on aboi's shoulder,chiboi fell of his shoulder toward the ground and work immediately;
And aboi quickly dragged him and hide at the back of a tree with argument between the two,

Aboi telling chiboi to shot up that there is a chase after them, but chiboi ran out to faced the
guy after them; but was shot down and stood after aboi came to rescue by killing the guy after them.
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