UA-201076440-1 Solutions to conflicts in Government in Nigeria


Way's political parties and problems can be  solved

Politics in Nigeria should reduce the levels of separation and expansion of parties to avoid and reduce the  level of incorporation and violence of one another;

* Parties should be able to listen to one another and communicate with out violence and pride.

* The person in power at the present needful  time should be able to make and fulfill the promise he made to the citizens before getting to that level of his own archivement.

  1. Unit of state governments, the peacebuilding agencies hold the important advantage of access to state governors, who are powerful, elected officials in Nigeria and dominant figures in their states. Governors’ control of state and local finances lets them direct substantial resources to peace efforts, as well as offer influence with federal institutions, including the police and military. Gubernatorial engagement all but ensures the participation in peace negotiations of most, if not all, stakeholders from local conflicts. The centrality of governors in the political and economic lives of their states also guarantees them a bully pulpit from which they can reframe issues and shape public opinion.

2. Governments have huge amounts of public cash to spend and this can represent a genuine debasement hazard. By watching government use, you can assist with revealing insight into how your nation's charges are being spent and uncover any maltreatments.

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